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Brett Payne - Exhibitor

Brett Payne is a contemporary silversmith, specialising in the design and making of silver candlesticks, tableware and vases. All his pieces are individually hot-forged or hand-raised in sterling silver. They are designed for modern living - visually stunning and disarmingly practical. Simplicity is key, leading to a refreshingly direct way of making that takes this tradition to a new level; developing a rare skill to explore new applications.


Brett Payne Bud Vase
Brett Payne Crown Candelabrum
Brett Payne Shelf Vase
Brett Payne Silver Vases
Brett Payne Sprung Vase
Brett Payne Swan Spoon
Brett Payne XY Candlesticks

Candice Coetser - Exhibitor

Candice lives and works in Forest Row in the Ashdown Forest. She runs a thriving studio from home, teaching and making. Using Porcelain and Stoneware, both coiling large vessels and throwing fine functional pots, Candice uses the local light colour and landcape as inspiration for her work. Pots are crisp and simple in form with subtle glazing; brushed, etched, dipped and some areas of lithoprint evoking winter and spring views.


Landscape Vase
Coiled Vessels
Pendant Lamp
Tea Bowl
Looking Up

Catherine Beckett - Exhibitor

Catherine's work is bold and contemporary with clean lines. She uses texture,gold and the subtle colours of vitreous enamel to enhance her designs.


Catherine Beckett Jewellery
Catherine Beckett Jewellery
Catherine Beckett Jewellery

Charlie High Designs - Exhibitor

Plants are my main inspiration. For source material I collect examples and take photographs. I either cast the piece itself or I do drawings abstracting the main elements to create a design that I can fabricate in metal. I work with metal sheet, using piercing, repoussee, hammering or roll milling to give the desired shape and texture. To finish the piece I polish it and use oxidizing to enhance texture.


AC9A Acorn ears with aqua
AC17J Meddble Jasper acorn pend medium for catalogue
RC2Rox ears grn quartz ox with border
RC4AO Rox ring aqua ox
Rox pendant double border aqua oxclose up
TCC8 ring with aqua
TGC7 Geo pend round cropped good
TGC10 Bangle cropped

Charlie Leftley - Exhibitor

Charlie creates original contemporary jewellery in her Southsea workshop. Inspired by the raw beauty of nature each piece is handcrafted and designed to complement and enhance your style and become an enduring essential. Her designs often contain interwoven wire work or delicate elements reoccurring and combining to form a greater impact and a larger final piece, giving her work an intricate aesthetic whilst retaining a bold and elegant appeal.


Oxidised Silver Dentritic Opal necklace
Aqua Ring
Dendritic Opal Earrings
Rutilated Quartz Ring
Sapphire Ring
Lapis Lazuli Ring
Diamond and Silver Necklace
Wave 9ct gold Earrings