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Anna Thomson - Exhibitor

Inspired by themes of erosion, repetition, variation and memory, Anna Thomson’s collection of monochrome ceramics delight with their innovative composition and their smooth, tactile surfaces. Vases and shallow bowls are composed of fine layers of porcelain clay, pared back to produce an emerging patterned surface, imbued with a sense of discovery. Lighting collections in translucent bone china offer beautiful flexible solutions for the home.


Vase group
Blurred dot and blended vases
Dot vase with fern
Nine small bowls
Typography commissions
Bone china light detail
Bone china light
Shallow bowl with necklace
Vase group two
The Studio
Exhibition stand

Anne Tomlin - Exhibitor

Anne studied at West Surrey College of Art and London College of Fashion. She co-founded the Bailey Tomlin label in 1989 designing hats for the UK, USA and Japan. Now working under her own name and away from the hectic world of fashion, Anne is focusing on her love of wild flowers and bees and their symbiotic relationship, making pieces ranging from beaded brooches to miniature worlds of wild flowers.


Anne Tomlin Abaca Silk Rose
Anne Tomlin Butterfly and Echinacea
Anne Tomlin Cherry Blossom Girl
Anne Tomlin Nest in Apple Blossom Hat
Anne Tomlin Roses
Anne Tomlin Spider Chrysanthemum

Assenden Glass - Exhibitor

Since she finished a degree in glass 20 years ago Anne has explored the affinity of glass with water and ice. In the “meltwater” series – dishes, vases, panels, sculptures – Anne tries to capture the moments of transient beauty in the process. The “jelly pot” vases explore the merging and opposing of colours. Casting clear glass the “lost vegetable” series and hand sculptures emphasise the deep inner light of the glass itself.


Anne Arlidge Fruit and Vegetables
Anne Arlidge Ice Flow
Anne Arlidge Jelly Pots
Anne Arlidge Thin Ice
Anne Arlidge Spring Dish
Anne Arlidge Hand With Grape

Betty Webb Wild Things - Exhibitor

Elizabeth studied Fine Art in Bristol, and an MA at Chelsea School of Art. Her work has always been concerned with using materials to recycle, inventing new possibilities from the overlooked and discarded. Her Wild Things are constructed from the detritus found on walks in the countryside and beaches of Cornwall and Sussex and the kerb sides of Brighton.


Betty Webb Wild Things - A Brush With A Dog
Betty Webb Wild Things - Woofers And Tweeters
Betty Webb Wild Things - Chagall's Nurse
Betty Webb Wild Things - Skier
Betty Webb Wild Things - Hot Wheels
Betty Webb Wild Things - Mr Valentine Has Got Alder

Bobbie Print - Exhibitor

The designer behind Bobbie Print is Victoria Oatway. Originally from Yorkshire but now based in Chichester, Victoria is inspired by nature, particularly the countryside surrounding her. After a successful career in textile design Victoria developed a collection of screen and riso prints where she explored her love of pattern and illustration creating products reflecting her personal design aesthetic. Victoria's inspirations, love of Scandinavian and mid-century modern design and a light-hearted retro styling are evident in each piece.


Bobbie Print Beachcomber Riso Print
Bobbie Print Beachcomber Riso Print Close Up
Bobbie Print Litho Printed Notebooks
Bobbie Print Otter Enamel Pin
Bobbie Print Posey Riso Print Close Up
Bobbie Print Spring Hand Pulled Screen Print
Bobbie Print Starbuck Hand Pulled Screen Print
Bobbie Print Starbuck Hand Pulled Screen Print Close Up
Bobbie Print Posey Riso Print