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Alan Vallis Jewellery - Exhibitor

Alan's jewellery is based on themes. These also often lead to developments through commissions and provide opportunities to explore new avenues.He remains influenced by ancient cultural artifacts, particularly Egyptian but also the gold work from African, Inca and Mayan civilizations. Shape, pattern and colour of Middle-Eastern design, has greatly influenced the evolution of Alan's Stacking Rings. These have been his signature pieces for some time. Recently, he has worked on a new series of rings, some large necklaces and developed new earring designs.


Alan Vallis Stacker with pink Sapphe and tourmalines in silver and gold
Alan Vallis Pink Pearl Cascade in silver and gold
Alan Vallis Grey pearl and centre Shell clasp in silver
Alan Vallis Stacking ring in 18K gold diamond bridge Ruby and Green Tourmaline
Alan Vallis Stacking Ring patterned in mixed metals
Alan Vallis Marine pendant in silver 18K gold
Alan Vallis 18K gold drop earrings with diamonds
Alan Vallis Gold ring with Sapphire diamonds wedding band
Alan Vallis 18K gold Clamshell ring with diamond

Aline Johnson Glass Design - Demonstrator

Aline designs and produces kilnformed and fused glass for chandeliers and vessels from her north London studio. She works mostly on site specific commissions in collaboration with lighting designers, architects and interior designers. She also sells vessels and lights through shows and galleries. She is inspired by her rural visits to Dorset, beachcombing for fossils, feathers and admiring beach stripes that translate with ease into glass.


Aline Johnson Glass Design
Aline Johnson Glass Design
Aline Johnson Glass Design

Andrew Byham Woodcraft - Exhibitor

Andrew makes wooden bowls and spoons by hand, he started whittling simply for relaxation, looking for a creative escape in an increasingly digital world. Design is driven by the materials and tools used, along with inspiration from a talented community of green woodworkers. Wood is sourced through local conservation and land management projects he is involved with, giving Andrew access to the perfect materials, typically Birch and Beech.


Cherry cooking spoons
Rowan bowls
Rowan scopps and spoons
Spalted Beech scoops

Angela Ibbs Mosiacs - Exhibitor

Unique hand cut mosaic jewellery and interior pieces, created with iridescent glass, vintage ceramics and Italian millefiori. Angela's mosaics are inspired by nature, folk art and style movements, creating decorative and attractive pieces to wear and for the home. Mosaics make an effective and durable solution, through picking, cutting, laying and combining materials. The art form reacts with its environment with light reflection giving an extra fascination.


Angela Ibbs Heart Pendants
Angela Ibbs Tesserae Collection
Angela Ibbs Blue Bird Nesting
Angela Ibbs Hare
Angela Ibbs Turtle Dove Nest
Angela Ibbs Flower Brooches

Ann Bruford - Jeweller - Exhibitor

Ann Bruford is an artist jeweller working with precious and semi-precious materials, incorporating a considered design process together with laborious hand fabrication and finishing techniques. Her practice explores the passage of time with its associated erosion and corrosion, resulting in eminently wearable sculpted forms encrusted with layers of texture and patinas.


Ann Bruford Eroded Limpet pendant in sterling silver and gold on a handmade chain
Ann Bruford Eroded Oval earrings in gold and patinated copper
Ann Bruford Large Eroded Oyster sterling silver ring
Ann Bruford Limpet Brooch in patinated sterling silver and gold with freshwater pearl
Ann Bruford outsized Eroded Disk earrings in patinated copper and gold leaf
Ann Bruford Small Limpet pendant in sterling silver with gold and freshwater pearl
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