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Charlotte Whitmore Jewellery - Exhibitor

Charlotte designs and makes mixed media jewellery based on botanical designs, taking inspiration from the flora and fauna in the surrounding landscape. Charlotte works predominantly in silver, incorporating other materials such as vintage plastics (Bakelite, Casein, Lucite) and vintage glass to add colour to her work. Most of the pieces she makes are hand built using forging techniques or pierced from sheet metal.


Charlotte Whitmore Seed head pins
Charlotte Whitmore Euphorbia Pendant
Charlotte Whitmore Tulip Pins
Charlotte Whitmore Daisy Pins
Cwhitmore leaf pins
Charlotte Whitmore allium pins

Chris Hawkins Jewellery - Exhibitor

Chris draws inspiration primarily from nature. Natural forms however are often just the starting point of a long process of design, translating a pleasing form or curve into a wearable item of jewellery. Chirs tries to give each piece of jewellery an integrity of form, both pleasing to handle, and interesting to look at from any angle. Some pieces even include a hidden detail for the wearer to appreciate. Chris' own designs and collections supply carefully selected galleries and shops through the UK and abroad; including the Natural History museum in London.


Bird Cufflinks
Fox Rabbit Cufflinks
lozenge Bracelet
Swallow Signet Pair
Bee Signet
Fish Signet
Fish Pendant
Duelling Pistols Necklace
Hiru Swallow Neck

Christine Green - Demonstrator

A graphic designer by trade, Christine has a life long love of typography. She enjoys playing with these 52 familiar shapes, and the cutting offers a mark-making process that has a particular clarity that appeals. Once happy with the drawn design, Christine cuts it out using a surgical scalpel blade, scans it, leaves it free from any retouching and sends it to her printer.


Christine Johnson Jewellery - Exhibitor

Christine is interested in creating visual effects in her work. The use of repetition and the interplay of light, line, space and shadows within her jewellery designs creates the effect of another set of lines and patterns. This effect is apparent when the piece is moved, or when movement is incorporated. Her most recent work is kinetic, allowing the control of the visual effect to be given to the wearer.


Christine Johnson Circles round brooch
Christine Johnson Curve Optical pendant
Christine Johnson Feather Series Brooch
Christine Johnson Feather Series pendant
Christine Johnson Feather Series Bangle
Christine Johnson Zigzag 2 Optical Pendant

Corrinne Eira Evans - Exhibitor

Using the traditional art form of flat chain mail in fine precious metals, combined with contemporary designs, Corrinne’s jewellery features key elements of playful interaction and stylised elegance, with multi-functional wear and collectability. Corrinne’s current collections are inspired by Native American cultures. This rich and storied culture, deep in connection with the earth and its people, the detailed art and traditional garments ignite her imagination. Studying artefacts, embroidered garments, tribal head-dresses, wooden and woven objects and warrior weaponry, all inspire the jewellery she creates.


Golden triangle long necklace stacking rings Corrinne Eira Evans Jewellery
Stacker rings Corrinne Eira Evans jewellery designs
Sculpture hexagon necklace contemporary titanium 9ct yellow gold silver jewellery fine chainmail Corrinne Eira Evans
Feather necklace Stacking rings Corrinne Eira Evans Jewellery
Pattern necklace silver titanium 9ct gold Corrinne Eira Evans contemporary jewellery fine chainmail
Chainmail Stripe earrings Corrinne Eira Evans
Stacker earrings Corrinne Eira Evans designs
Basket long necklace and matching earrings Corrinne Eira Evans Jewellery