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Diane Rogers -Textile Artist/Designer - Exhibitor

Textile art and designer textiles inspired by nature and the natural environment. Images are hand painted or printed onto silk. Quilting, the use of free machine and hand embroidery creates texture and raised areas in relief and provides the opportunity to express an appreciation for the beauty of texture, forms and patterns in nature. The discord between the smooth, lustrous silk and my subject matter produces an irresistible tactile quality.


Starburst by Diane Rogers
Wave by Diane Rogers
Tidal Pool by Diane Rogers
Deep into the Woods by Diane Rogers
Sea and Channel by Diane Rogers
Wall with lichen Michelham by Diane Rogers

Emma Burfoot Jewellery - Exhibitor

Emma creates large pieces of sculptural jewellery which then inform smaller more wearable items which are made in precious metals. Her work explores structural forms, negative space and thickness of line, using bold yet simple shapes riveted together in contrast to more intricate, abstract elements, creating a sense of depth. Her work is handmade, yet has an industrial feel to it.


Emma Burfoot Jewellery Silver Double Pendant
Emma Burfoot Jewellery Silver Earrings
Emma Burfoot Jewellery Silver Layered Bangle
Emma Burfoot Jewellery Silver Riveted Pendant
Emma Burfoot Jewellery Silver Riveted Ring

Harriet Morris - Exhibitor

Harriet hand fabricates bold, wearable jewellery in silver that celebrates the processes of its construction. The designs are led by both the form of the body and a reverence for chaos and accident. Harriet has recently returned from living in Mexico, where patterns of chaos are found readily. The unregulated blooms of buildings in Mexico City are honoured in the glittering facets of the Rubble Ring.


Harriet Morris Asymmetric Blast onyx
Harriet Morris blast drop pendant rose quartz
Harriet Morris Blast Drop onyx earrings
Harriet Morris Blast Drop pyrite
Harriet Morris Blast necklace
Harriet Morris Cinder brooch
Harriet Morris Flower Blast earrings tourmalated quartz
Harriet Morris Nest Ring
Harriet Morris Rubble Ring
Rubble Smoky Quartz
Harriet Morris Gridlock Necklace

Hendrike Barz-Meltzer - Exhibitor

Working with different techniques, Hendrike strives for well-designed pieces, mostly abstract, with an element of the unexpected: the off-centre, the unequal, non-matching and the odd. The pieces are outcomes of a design process that starts with a drawing, then a transfer onto the human body, is then altered and finally translated into materials. The pieces fully come to life when seen worn on the human body.


Argentium silver ear studs partially oxidized
Argentium silver ring with different 24ct yellow gold Keum boo detail on front and back of ring
Argentium silver round domed ring with 24ct yellow gold Keum Boo detail
Black and white silk braided necklace with Argentium silver pendant and 24ct gold Keum Boo detail Length
Dark blue white silk braided necklace with Argentium silver 24ct gold Keum Boo elements removable pendant
Dark blue white silk braided necklace with Argentium silver 24ct gold Keum Boo elements pendant
Ear studs in layered and textured Argentium silver
Long Argentium silver earrings with 24ct yellow gold Keum Boo patterns
Long gold rhodium plated earrings Length 35mm
Long gold rhodium plated earrings 60mm
Necklace with grey white Kumihimo braid gold rhodium plated front piece

Hester Cox - Printmaker - Exhibitor

Hester lives in the Yorkshire Dales National Park and finds her inspiration whilst fellrunning. Mental and physical notes made on route are then developed in her studio. By using multiple plates, painted textures and intricate cutting in her collagraphs she aims to celebrate the patterns and colours found in nature, drawing attention to everyday occurrences that often go unnoticed or are soon forgotten. She exhibits widely and teaches printmaking workshops.


Cox Hester Curlew and Cotton Grass
Cox Hester Dipper
Cox Hester Enclosures
Cox Hester Moonwake
Cox Hester Silent Night
Cox Hester The Huntress