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Adrian Hope and Linda Lewin -

Linda Lewin and Adrian Hope have shared a studio for many years. They both draw inspiration from the work of ancient goldsmiths and other craftsmen who developed such amazing skills from the ground up. Thousands of years ago these people travelled huge distances across the world to share their knowledge. Their work shines even now in museums across the globe, an insight to other lives.


Oval teapot
Rainbow box
Stone carver bowl
2 leaping horses
Horse brooch
Sun Moons necklace
2 bangles
Concave, convex boxes
Chocolate box

Alison Milner -

Alison trained in Furniture Design at the Royal College of Art, she now specialises in 2D onto 3D - anything from porcelain badges to formica tables and large vitreous enamel wall panels. She is also a short course tutor a West Dean College.


large circles
six botanical
traffic island
West Dean Print

Amanda Cobbett -

Amanda trained as a printed textile designer at UAL Chelsea. Her love of mark making techniques which have evolved from paper into stitch are the basis from which each piece of work is created, this combined with colour, intricacy and composition all play their part in the creative process. From her studio in the Surrey Hills Amanda makes papier mâché and machine embroidered artworks inspired by nature in all it’s forms.


mixed fungi
Mixed British Fungi
fungi group
Individual fungi

Angela Ibbs Mosaics -

Unique hand cut mosaic jewellery and interior pieces, created with iridescent glass, vintage china, ceramic and Italian millefiori. Inspired by nature and human form though folk art. Mosaic, as a medium, is an exploration of choice and selection to create an effective and durable solution, through picking, cutting, laying and combining materials. The art form also reacts with its environment through the reflection of light giving an extra fascination.


Angela Ibbs - Picture Pendant
Angela Ibbs - Nest
Angela Ibbs - Flow, Wall Mosaic
Angela Ibbs - Concentric Jewellery Collection
Angela Ibbs - Mosaic Brooches
Angela Ibbs - Hare Pendant
Angela Ibbs - Black Bird
Angela Ibbs - Vintage Hares


Angelika initially trained as an historian and uses her knowledge of art history as a rich source for inspiration. Unlike a milliner, she forms the shapes of the hat from pieces of fabric, which emerge from the structural qualities of the materials rather than from a block. Her work as a costume designer in the theatre often leads to ideas that she can translate into her hat designs and vice versa.


Ariadne s
Pink Turban s
Silvia s
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