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Catherine Beckett -

Catherine Beckett designs and makes jewellery in her studio at Kew Steam Museum, Middlesex. Her work is modern and bold using silver, gold and enamel to create interesting and distinctive pieces. In her work she tries to bring a contemporary feel to the ancient art of enamelling, experimenting with techniques and textures. Most of all she likes her jewellery to be fun and enjoyed by the wearer.


silver and turquoise enamel rings. Catherine Beckett
silver multi rings. Catherine Beckett
silver and enamel rings Catherine Beckett
Silver and enamel abstact pendant. Catherine beckett
hammered silver pendant. Catherine Beckett
silver and enamel necklace. Catherine Beckett
silver and enamel necklace. Catherine Beckett
hammered silver cuff. Catherine Beckett

Cathy Newell Price -

Jewellery designs inspired by the natural world - a walk in the country or down the garden path; birds, flowers and insects all feature. Cathy has a special interest in plants, this is not surprising as her original degree was in Plant Science. Materials used are precious metals, with vitreous enamel and a few gemstones for colour.


Cathy Newell Price
Cathy Newell Price
Cathy Newell Price
Cathy Newell Price
Cathy Newell Price
Cathy Newell Price
Cathy Newell Price
Cathy Newell Price

Celia Moss -

Celia studied Fine Art Painting at Wimbledon School of Art where she developed a passion for printmaking and went on to study Postgraduate Printmaking. The mediums she largely uses are etching and linocuts. Her work reflects the things in her everyday life and her interest in Renaissance artists and sometimes the two collide to create a homage to the kitchen sink.



Charlie High Designs -

Charlotte High's pieces are bold and tactile with an earthy rawness. Rough semi-precious stones are incorporated with textured silver and touches of 18ct gold to enhance and complement each other. Employing various processes, texture is created through repousse and chasing, rollmilling or casting. Her designs are a result of observation and sketches, concentrating on how a body moves and how the piece of jewellery can sit harmoniously with it.


Acorn bangles
Jasper acorn pendant
Fiddle top ears
Geometric pendant with labradorite
Peridot ring set in 18ct gold
Labradorite Rox necklace oxidised
Rox ears tiger eye
Sycamore pendant on torque gold plated and oxidised
Tiger eye Rox neck non oxidised

Chris Boland -

Chris' fascination of inorganic structure is used to inform his bespoke jewellery pieces. Bold shapes stress the unique qualities of the inclusions in the gemstones. He draws inspiration for surface treatment from architectural metalwork and sculpture. Marks made during the construction of the work allowed to remain and often emphasized.


Chris Boland, Jewellery
Chris Boland, Jewellery
Chris Boland, Jewellery
Chris Boland, Jewellery
Chris Boland, Jewellery