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Elisabeth Beverley -

Using traditional methods Elisabeth Beverley dyes cashmere and merino yarns with colours derived from plants, many picked in the Berkshire countryside. She'll have a unique range of colours in both wools for knitters and a small collection of simple and original hand knitted pieces including scarves, cushions, throws.


summer merino
autumn merino
walnut and pernambuco

Ellul Ceramics -

Inspired by complex structures found in nature, Lisa's vessels and sculptural forms are constructed from layers of finely rolled tubes or cones of clay. Some vessels are multi-layered and hold a solid, weighted volume. Others are simple one-layer vessels resembling seed pods. This method of construction creates an intricate texture and articulation of surface. Surfaces are almost bone like with fossilized leaf patterns or inlaid textures.


Leaf Cone Bowl-42cm
Circle Bowl with 24ct gold leaf-50cm
Circle Bowls-20 to 27cm
Pierced Leaf Cone Bowl-27cm
Dark Circle Bowl-50cm
Tubular Bowls-17cm to 32cm
Dark Pierced Bowl-27cm
Mixed Pods-15cm

Emily Thatcher -

Emily's work is informed by microscopic organic structures. She uses the simplicity of line and natural form to create ergonomic, wearable art objects in precious metals embellished with gemstones carefully selected for their unique natural inclusions. Emily handcrafts her pieces using traditional techniques such as, alloying gold, forging, making her own tooling for shaping, texturizing and mount making, to form distinctive settings to emphasise the carefully chosen gemstones.



Emma Noble Creates -

Working from her studio in the Scottish Highlands, Emma Noble creates mixed-media prints along with a range of exclusive handprinted silk accessories. She loves to create original and one-off pieces, very rarely editioning prints. Working mainly with screenprint and relief print for paper pieces, Emma combines screenprint and discharge techniques when working with hand dyed silk. The cross over from wall-based artwork to wearable art pieces fascinates me.


Handprinted silk bow tie and pocket square
Handprinted silk loop scarf
Handprinted silk square scarf
Handprinted silk tie and pocket square
Screenprint and relief print, City Study, on paper, unique
Screenprint and relief print, The Door, on paper, unique

Flora McLachlan -

Flora McLachlan's work is carefully structured, where echoes of form build distinctive composition, enriched by her use of patterns from the natural world. Her muted and delicate palette builds the atmosphere of otherness, veiling our known world with unfamiliarity. Her pictures are records of things seen and imagined by twilight or moonglow, inspired by medieval poetry and powerful strange images from fairy tales and myths. Her preferred technique is etching, during the process the original idea changes and grows with the working of the metal. Flora enjoys making drawn marks and impressed textures using soft ground, and adds tone using spit bite, painting with the acid to burn mists and blooms across the image.


Flora The first leaves, etching 24x27cm
Flora Shadowed air, etching 27x29cm
Ivy berries, etching 29x27cm
Fox-nest, etching, 27x24cm, ed 100
A forest, etching ed 200, 10x9cm
Thistledown, etching 9x10cm