Second Annual West Dean Student and Emerging Professionals Conference

West Dean College of Arts and Conservation


Sustainable and Efficient: Challenges of Best Practice

The field of conservation is striving to meet the rising challenges of best practice, and questions of sustainability and resource management are at the forefront of contemporary thought. In a profession that faces a decrease in economic support, understanding these challenges and their current solutions is a vital part of any conservator's development.

As conservation students, we learn best practices of techniques, process, and analysis with regard to the items in our care, normally with a wealth of time and resources at our disposal. However, we will transition into a professional world where best practice will mean simultaneously managing the needs of cultural heritage, the environment, and economic resources.

The aim of this conference is to raise awareness of these issues and prepare conservation students and emerging professionals to adapt to the changing challenges of best practice.

Keynote Speaker - Ylva Dahnsjo ACR

We are greatly privileged to have Ylva Dahnsjo ACR as keynote speaker this year. Ylva is a conservator and adviser for art and material culture. As a founder member of Icon, a Fellow of IIC and The Linnean Society of London, she has helped shape the profession in the UK and internationally, and her colourful career has given her plenty of opportunity to consider what conservation is really about in today's world.

Drawing on her long experience of working in complex situations for large organisations (including over three years as Head of Collections Conservation Services at National Trust Scotland) and for private clients, her presentation will explore the myriad of roles professional conservators perform, and looks at different perceptions of sustainability and effectiveness and what we can do with them.

Other confirmed presentations for the day are:

Emerging Conservators Working in Private Practice: Finding Realistic Solutions to Conservation Problems - Erica D'Alessandro, Conservator at the Churchill Archives Centre; Hollie Drinkwater, Trainee at Rita Udina's Private Studio, Barcelona; Lucy Cokes, Trainee at PZ Conservation.

Stephen Jones Hats: A Pragmatic Approach to Mounting 160 Objects in 30 Days - Ania Golebiowska and Jamie Robinson, Zenzie Tinker Conservation Ltd.

Creative Solutions to Challenging Situations: Shoestring Budgets, Material, Housing and Staff Limitations - Rachel Davis, Archives Conservator, BBC Archives.

Move Project Predicaments: Best Practice vs. Practicality - Peter Brown, Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

Innovative, Sustainable and Cost-Efficient Conservation Practice in a Challenging Environment - Jürgen Huber ACR, Senior Furniture Conservator, The Wallace Collection.

Sustainable Alternatives to Environmentally Harmful Materials Such as Isinglass - Daniela Molinari, Sustainability in Conservation (SiC).

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