Salon Imaginaire Special – Tom Brosseau and Kristin McClement

The Oak Hall, West Dean College

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"No artist possesses the same peculiar qualities as Tom Brosseau. He encourages open emotion in his listeners, as well as fearful distress. He courts deep melancholia, but his songs are queerly uplifting. The power of his performing persona is so strong that he can pervade the whole room with his subjective existence, making time-warped acolytes out of his audience." BBC Music

Kristin McClement is a Brighton-based songwriter whose music has a curious magnetic quality. Her beautifully rich and steady vocal style set against the warmth of her sumptuous classical guitar accompaniments draws the listener further and further into the shadowy storyland of her songs. Intoxicating.

Join us at this evening event which forms part of a special engagement of shows for Tom and Kristin in Europe and the UK.

Doors open at 7.30pm. Music starts at 8pm. The Steward's Bar will be open until 10.30pm.

Open to all age 12+. This is a Pay What You Decide event. Please register to book your seat.

Tom Brosseau

"Tom grew up in Grand Forks, North Dakota, which we must all assume is a small town indeed. Now, this singer and guitarist dwells in Los Angeles, which is surely about the single most inappropriate haunt for this quaint, quiet old soul, trapped in a young man's body. The first time I saw Brosseau, he held a captivated gathering in silence, standing on a table whilst he transported everyone back to the days of those travelling railroad troubadours of the 1920s. There is no trace of the modern age in Tom's deportment." Martin Longley for BBC Music

"Brosseau sees the world as a complicated place. One that's surrounded by darkness but ultimately overwhelmed by love." NPR First Watch - Robin Hilton

Kristin McClement

Kristin McClement is near completion to a follow-up to her shimmering Wilkommen Records release, 'The Wild Grips'. Her new songs continue to explore our relationship with nature, how we see ourselves within and without.

"Weighty pop music which dazzles, shimmers and glows exquisitely in the cold light of the day." Goldflakepaint review of Kristin McClement's 'The Wild Grips'

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