Salon Imaginaire #2 – Collectress and Sonic Pleasure

The Old Library, West Dean College of Arts and Conservation

Pay What You Decide

This live concert features performances by some of the most imaginative music makers working today. Collectress are a quartet whose collective ethos, aesthetic and approach is inspired and informed by the practices which complement their performing lives: visual art, composition for film and TV, dance for camera, music informatics and free improvisation. Sonic Pleasure is famed for her unique crafting of sound from bricks and masonry, reducing much of her instrumentation to dust by the end of a concert.

Join us at this evening event that explores material, music-making, and visual arts in the unique setting of the College's historic Old Library.

Please visit our SoundCloud page to listen to tracks by Salon Imaginaire musicians.

Doors open at 7.30pm. Music starts at 8pm. The Steward's Bar will also be open until 10.30pm.

This is a Pay What You Decide event. Please register to book your seat.


Described as "possessed Brontë sisters teasing an unsuspecting dinner party" (Foxy Digitalis), Collectress are a quartet of musical collaborators from London and Brighton. Their music treads a joyful line between the intricate and organic, with a nod to everyone from Philip Glass to Bach to John Adams, improvisers like The Necks to lo-fi chamber groups such as Rachels.

Sonic Pleasure

Sonic Pleasure unpacks a maverick display of ultimate dynamic process, in which improvised expressive performance joyfully reimagines the very foundations of the material world.

Pay What You Decide

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Suggested price bands of £5 and £10.


West Dean College's Salon Imaginaire series is supported by PRS Foundation's The Open Fund.