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  • Course

    Abstract painting in watercolour (S3D07588)

    28 to 31 January 2018. Combine visual and imaginative information in a unique and personal way. Distil what is important to you as you create dynamic work from drawings and other material. Christine guides you carefully through themes and painting te...

  • Course

    Expressive watercolours (SLW07877)

    18 to 21 May 2018. Use both technical and spontaneous methods of painting. Work from still life, landscape and photographic imagery to combine different subject matter into a cohesive painting. Explore colour, form, brush and wash techniques to defin...

  • Course

    Acrylic ink painting – movement and vibrant colour (S3D07907)

    3 to 6 June 2018. Create vibrant and dynamic studies with this versatile medium. Start with observational drawing, then experiment with translucent and opaque brushwork techniques. Build your confidence with acrylic ink as you learn to work intuitive...

  • Course

    Turner landscapes – drama and light in watercolour (S5D07988)

    1 to 6 July 2018. Discover how to paint like Turner; from quick sketches to sweeping vistas, learn painting techniques to capture weather, light and mood. Draw quickly with the brush and layer paint through glazing techniques as you experiment with b...