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As we transition through the seasons, there is lots to look out for in West Dean Gardens.

From the planting of new trees, to the unveiling of the results of the foxgloves trial, and the new-look cut flower and kitchen garden, 2020 looks to be an exciting year. Find out more about what is happening in the Gardens in the New Year in the latest blog.

New perennials in the rose border

The gardens' team and their volunteers have recently been busy in the rose border. New perennials that we planted include: Alliums, poppies, Patty’s Plum, Cyara Cardunculus and Monarda.

Glasshouse update

We're delighted to share that the Fern Glasshouse and Glasshouse 16 have now been fully restored, and the largest Glasshouse - the Peach and Tomato house - is in the final stages of completion. We look forward to seeing the new planting going in there in the New Year. Thank you to everyone that has donated and made these renovations possible. Find out more about the Glasshouse Appeal

January opening

We're delighted to confirm that this year the Gardens will be open throughout January. See our opening times

New trainees

We have two new trainee horticulturalists who have now started at West Dean Gardens, Laura and Chantal. Both are here thanks to funding opportunities and will be with us for two years whilst studying on an RHS course one day a week.

Gardeners Cottage

Currently closed for the Winter. Our newly opened tea room, formerly the residence of West Dean Gardens' head gardeners, is somewhere to enjoy a pit-stop and refreshments. Open Fridays-Sundays from 20 March.

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Garden Media Guild Awards

On Thursday 21 November, West Dean Gardens' Head Gardener Tom Brown and Chief Executive Alex Barron attended the prestigious Garden Media Guild Awards 2019, at The Savoy Hotel, London.

We are thrilled to announce that Tom was awarded the Alan Titchmarsh New Talent Award. The judges' comments included: "Tom Brown’s quiet passion and wide-ranging horticultural skills are evident in both his writing and presenting examples, and he has a subtle yet extremely engaging style. He’s an experienced, passionate plantsman and gardener. Tom brings his subjects to life both on the page and presented to camera. His love of plants shines throughout and it is a joy to read and watch material backed up by in-depth knowledge along with a great deal of hands-on experience."

At West Dean by former Head Gardeners Jim Buckland and Sarah Wain was shortlisted for the Garden Book of the Year, and Andrea Jones, who took the photos for the book, was shortlisted for the Gordon Rae Photographer of the Year Award. 

The full list of winners can be found on the Garden Media Guild Awards' website.

The Apple Store Bookshop

The newly opened second-hand bookshop in the Apple Store is proving very popular. The store sells a wide selection of pre-loved books as well as a modest range of fresh produce and flowers handpicked by our team of garden volunteers.

Any donations of pre-loved books on gardens and gardening or arts and crafts would be very welcome. You can hand them to the staff at the Gardens Shop on your next visit, or call the Friends office on 01243 818256. All proceeds will fund the maintenance and development of some amazing new plant and flower displays across West Dean Gardens, thank you.

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