Anatomy for Artists by Pernille Fraser

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Anatomy for Artists was an intensive but rewarding four-day figurative drawing course which took us from understanding the core skeletal structures to both the large and small muscle groups. We worked, under Alan McGowan's instruction, from a rather 'bony' skelton and a life model, which were all accompanied by down-to-earth instructions, thorough explanations and guidance when needed. This combination helped hugely when putting everything into context and, mostly importantly, practice.
I felt somewhat 'rusty' in terms of figurative drawing before the course by the end I feel I had got a pretty good grasp and much better understanding of what lay beneath the skin. It is such a practical and beneficial class it makes me wonder why Anatomy classes aren't more widely available elsewhere.
For further information, see details of Alan's next course here at West Dean:
Alan's website gives further details regarding his own practice: