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Browse and buy unique pieces from 120 makers and designers. Once again, we've teamed up with MADE, (of the Brighton Art Fair and MADE London) to bring you the very best in quality and design. You can also explore the dedicated printmakers show for exclusive prints and artworks.

Debbie Page Ceramics -

Debbie’s work has a sculptural dimension; using handbuilding techniques, she forms spheres and shaped cylindrical vessels predominantly in white earthenware clay, or porcelain. Fascinated by the ceramics of Korea and Japan, her interpretation of the iconic Korean Moon Jar involves the technique of 'Smoke firing on glaze' and the inclusion of driftwood handles on the Pail vessels offers a contrast between the ceramic and the wood.


Dee Barnes Designs -

This mixed media collection originates from a range of abstract paintings using acrylics, oils, pastels, gold and silver leaf with an emphasis on texture and detailed layers of colour. The paintings are cut into shapes, edged in copper and coated in resin. Once dried, the pieces are backed, embossed with pewter and assembled into a unique, limited edition range of brooches, pendants, necklaces and earrings.



Diana Greenwood -

Diana’s jewellery collection is a celebration of garden flora and horticulture. Diana draws her inspiration from her surroundings, especially the garden. She is influenced by the clean lines of Danish design, botanical drawings and paper-cutting. Her work is typified by precise hand-pierced garden motifs contrasted with simple shapes such as squares and circles. Designing mainly in silver, Diana uses 18ct gold and semi-precious stones to embellish and accentuate her pieces.


Diana Greenwood Beech Leaf Cufflinks
Diana Greenwood garden collection pendant
Diana Greenwood garden ephemera brooch
Diana Greenwood leafy necklace with smoky quartz
Diana Greenwood three dahlias necklace
Diana Greenwood twirly earings
Diana Greewnood little daisy ring

Diane Rogers -

Nature and the natural environment provide inspiration for Diane's textile art. She uses silk fabric, free embroidery and free quilting to express her appreciation for the beauty of texture, forms and patterns created by exposure to natural elements and by the passage of time. She aims to achieve a compelling, irresistible tactile quality to each piece through the discord between the smooth, lustrous qualities of silk and her subject matter.



DVS Woodcraft -

At DVS Woodcraft designer and maker Marc Davies produces bespoke handcrafted piece of freestanding furniture or other homeware items such as lamps, pendants etc. Where possible pieces are made from sustainable sourced hardwoods with a preference of the trees grown in Great Britain or recycled from other ‘waste’ wood products and re-purposed into high quality items.


Oak Dining Table detail
Oak bedside tables
Walnut Armchair