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  • Course

    Ways with clay – experimental animal sculpting (SSS08055)

    4 to 10 August 2018. Experiment with different hand building pottery techniques to make several animal sculptures. Forming methods will include pinch, slab and dowel, used individually and in combination, demonstrating the impact they have on the sub...

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    Sculpting and drawing the figure from life (S3D08347)

    19 to 22 November 2018. A lively three days of drawing and sculpting the nude female figure from life. Start by sketching a series of varied poses capturing the volumes of the figure and the energy and dynamics of a pose. You are then shown how to ma...

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    Birds – sculpting in paper clay (S3D08481)

    28 to 31 January 2019. Working with stoneware paper clay, use coiling, slabbing, pinching and dowel work to construct hollow bird forms requiring no armatures. The bird form presents an infinite variety of shapes and personalities, including fantasy...