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  • Course

    Jewellery for complete beginners (SWE11383)

    4 to 6 February 2022. Learn how to create beautiful and unique pieces of silver jewellery. Explore a variety of jewellery making techniques through demonstrations and exercises that show you how to make your own designs in silver. Tutors: Laila Smith

  • Course

    Soldering masterclass for jewellers (S1D11467)

    12 March 2022. An intensive day for those with some experience focusing on exercises to advance your soldering skills. Techniques covered include pallion, stick and sweat soldering. Tutors: Laila Smith

  • Course

    Statement silver earrings (S1D11494)

    23 March 2022. In this workshop you'll work with beautiful silver sheet and wire to create a truly unique pair of large dangling, balanced earrings. Wear them home or gift them to someone special! Tutors: Laila Smith