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  • Course

    Sketchbooks for beginners (SWE08487)

    1 to 3 February 2019. Discover how to progress ideas towards finished works and hold the sparks of inspiration in your sketchbooks. Develop ideas from different starting points and media, find joy in experimentation and build confidence in expressing...

  • Course

    FDAD Alumni Study Day: supporting individual practice (S1D09098)

    11 March 2019. These study days offer an opportunity to develop individual themes and ideas and help you to maintain the momentum of your own practice following the completion of the FDAD. You will be working on your own ideas, at your own pace, in a...

  • Course

    Landscape drawing with charcoal and pastel (S5D08605)

    17 to 22 March 2019. Develop skills in representing landscape with the versatile and expressive media of soft pastel and charcoal. Working from direct observation and from your own photographs, make quick responsive studies. Experiment with various w...

  • Course

    Landscape drawing with charcoal (S3D08893)

    30 June 2019 to 3 July 2019. Explore the expressive qualities of charcoal to represent the evocative landscape of West Dean. Develop your repertoire of mark-making techniques, working from direct observation and your own photographs. Tutors: Kate Bo...

  • Course

    Charcoal drawing (S1D09007)

    2 September 2019. A gentle introduction to the expressive qualities of charcoal. Working on both large and small scale with different types of charcoal, you will begin to develop a language of mark-making with the oldest of drawing mediums. Tutors:...