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    A first dip into natural dyes (SWE09556)

    27 to 29 March 2020. Gain a practical introduction to natural dyes and their rich history. Use weld, madder, cochineal and indigo on silk and wool to create a starter sample library. "I didn't want to leave but, when I realized how much kn...

  • Course

    Silk scarves – brilliant with pattern (S4D09796)

    14 to 18 June 2020. Use vibrant steam-fixed dyes to develop brilliant silk painted patterns. Inspiration for original pattern-making is discussed and techniques used include wax resist, shibori, direct application or a combination. Tutors: Isabella...

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    An introduction to using natural dyes (SLW09969)

    11 to 14 September 2020. In this hands-on introduction to the world of natural dyes, you will use raw dyestuff and natural dyes in extract form, to learn how to source and prepare dyes to achieve a good range of colours. Tutors: Isabella Whitwor...