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    Online course – Oil painting for beginners

    A series of detailed step-by-step workshops taking you through each stage or layer of an oil painting, including colour mixing, to give you confidence in working with this captivating medium. You will have access to approximately one hour video cont...

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    Online course – Learn to draw portraits

    Develop a likeness through observational drawing of your own model. The tutor will guide you through each stage of drawing a portrait from establishing scale, building up the features and then creating tone and form. You will have access to approxima...

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    Painting with oils for beginners (S1D12219)

    3 October 2022. Learn to paint with oils including: preparing your surface, colour mixing, tonality, brush handling, layering and completing a simple composition. Tutors: George Popesco

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    Portrait oil painting – beginners (SWE12262)

    18 to 20 November 2022. Paint a portrait of the model's head using oil paint. Techniques include palette preparation, underpainting, mark-making, colour, tone, and composition. Tutors: George Popesco

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    Chiaroscuro – painting light and shadow (S3D12395)

    22 to 25 January 2023. Explore the balance of light and shade through expressive drawing and painting. Discover the power of dramatic lighting, contrasts and shadows to enhance both your drawing and painting skills. Tutors: George Popesco