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  • Course

    Blacksmithing for beginners (S2D11540)

    7 to 9 February 2022. Design and create a contemporary sculptural candlestick, wall sconce or other small object for your home. You will learn a range of traditional forging and other metal working techniques to forge, shape, and join the components...

  • Course

    Sculpture from scrap (S4D11434)

    27 February 2022 to 3 March 2022. Challenge yourself to create a sculpture from found metal objects assembled with blacksmithing techniques. You will visit a local scrapyard for materials and inspiration. Learn basic forging and joining processes to...

  • Course

    Organically inspired sheet metal sculpture (S3D11539)

    14 to 17 March 2022. Develop your own organically inspired design for a sculpture or vessel in sheet metal. Explore a range of sheet metal techniques including spot and mig welding, riveting and fold forming. Tutors: Cara Wassenberg

  • Course

    Blacksmithing (S1D11596)

    21 May 2022. Learn how to forge metal using the forge, a hammer and an anvil. You will be shown how to bend, twist and shape the hot steel to make either a practical or small sculptural piece of work. Tutors: Cara Wassenberg

  • Course

    Blacksmithing: Ideas, design and techniques (SSS11656)

    5 to 11 August 2022. You will be introduced to different blacksmithing techniques and use both hand tools and the power hammer to form hot steel. You will develop your own project ideas and should expect to produce a finished piece. Tutors: Cara Wass...