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    Watercolour painting – portraits (SLW08569)

    7 to 10 March 2019. Capture the essence of the person in your portrait. Work with the play of pigments on the surface to create a fresh spontaneous feel over a well observed base. Examine compositional options, and through quick studies build confide...

  • Course

    Comprehensive watercolour painting (S5D08718)

    14 to 19 April 2019. Discover the hidden methods to produce confident paintings. Techniques include wet into wet, graduated value, composition. Explore options of warm or cool, thick or thin pigment and wet or dry paper. Through studies and exercises...

  • Course

    Acrylic painting (S1D08981)

    23 August 2019. Learn to paint with acrylics and experiment with it's qualities including flexibility, vibrant colours, subtle tones and textures. Complete a landscape and a street scene. Tutors: Brian Smith