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    The instant sketchbook (S2D11992)

    14 to 16 September 2022. Re-energise your practice with an instant sketchbook. Make one, fill one and make another. Experiment with drawing, collage, composition and colour. Tutors: Annabel Tilley

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    FDAD drawing day (SDD12091)

    24 September 2022. Please note that this drawing day is only bookable by West Dean Foundation Diploma in Art and Design students (FDAD). The focus of Drawing Day is to explore drawing in its broadest sense and to develop confidence in self-directed s...

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    Paper cut-outs – colour, line and form (S1D12259)

    17 November 2022. Explore the symbiotic nature of colour, line and form in the paper cut-out. Try your hand at drawing with scissors, cutting freehand and creating anything from a portrait or still life to an intricate pattern. Tutors: Annabel Tilley

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    The extended sketchbook (S3D12290)

    28 November 2022 to 1 December 2022. Make your sketchbooks a private place of invention where anything is possible. Use a series of rapid collage and drawing techniques, with one idea leading to another to turn old books into new sketchbooks. Tutors:...

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    Experimental collage (SWE12474)

    24 to 26 February 2023. Use collage as a creative process. Experiment with technique, colour, composition and the drawn line, using paper-based materials to both make and inform new work. Tutors: Annabel Tilley