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    H is for heritage

    Posted on 27th April 2016

    H is for heritage at West Dean Gardens celebrating 25 Years of Glorious Gardening.

  • 25 Years of Glorious Gardening

    25 Years of Glorious Gardening

    Posted on 8th April 2016

    This year marks 25 years since head gardeners, husband and wife, Jim Buckland and Sarah Wain, began the transformation of West Dean into award-winning gardens, in the wake of the Great Storms of 1987. In the years since 1991, they have revitalised the 19th century landscape and overseen tremendous changes which have brought the gardens international respect for both the quality and variety of horticultural practice.

  • Looking good

    Looking Good in April

    Posted on 5th April 2016

    All hail the daffodil which is currently on parade in vast battalions throughout the gardens. Generally smaller flowering varieties have been selected for their flowering time, character and colour and happily they are bulking up nicely.

  • Winter

    Snowy scenes

    Posted on 11th December 2015

    December is a quieter period in the gardens. In the run up to the festive season - and in this very mild weather - we thought our readers would enjoy looking back at snowier times.

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    G is for glasshouses

    Posted on 10th November 2015

    The 13 Victorian glasshouses by Foster & Pearson are a highlight of the Kitchen Garden at West Dean. Find out more about the history and importance of the glasshouses at West Dean Gardens.

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