Looking good

Looking good

Knowing your onions

Posted on 4th August 2015

After all the rain last year, this year's dry weather is capping the growth of the garden, you know how it is - gardeners are never really happy with the weather but our spuds, onions and their allies have now been harvested in the kitchen garden.

  • Looking good

    Looking Good In July

    Posted on 15th July 2015

    My my my hasn't it been warm so far in July? Those poor people who have to work in offices then make their way home on buses or the tube - don't you pity them while you're strolling around West Dean Gardens gazing on the bucolic South Downs scenery whilst taking in the more recent work of the gardens team.

  • Looking good

    Looking Good in May

    Posted on 29th April 2015

    May is a busy month in the gardeners' calendar. Here in Sussex, a rather cool north westerly is blowing even though the skies are blue. However spring is well and truly here.

  • Looking good

    Looking Good - March

    Posted on 27th February 2015

    Did you see the naturalised bulbs in action at West Dean during February this year? If you missed the display poor you as it was a sight to gladden any heart.

  • Looking good

    Looking Good - April

    Posted on 13th April 2014

    What a well behaved spring we're enjoying; cool temperatures with some sunny days bursting through allowing enough time to get on with seasonal work - unlike warm springs where watering becomes the name of the game.

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