Maickel van Bellegem ACR

Maickel van Bellegem ACR - Subject Leader Metalwork

Maickel van Bellegem ACR is a goldsmith and metals conservator who has worked both independently and in museums, notably the Rijksmuseum, the British Museum and the V&A Museum. He comments, "Having supervised students during their placements at the British Museum previously I'm very much looking forward to working with students building their expertise in both craft skills and conservation techniques."

He has worked on a range of metal objects for display, loans, storage and research purposes, and has published regularly. Topics of publications included historical manufacturing techniques such as patination of alloys in 19th century Burmese lime boxes and their conservation, authentication, as well as developing conservation treatments.

Maickel is an accredited member of Institute of Conservation, a member of the International Council of Museums, the Historical Metallurgy Society, and the Nautical Archaeological Society.

Research publications:

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