Music from a New Found Land – music appreciation with Roy Stratford

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The diversity of American music reflects the 'melting-pot' nature of American society. Explore the richness of that tradition from great pioneers such as Charles Ives, to mainstream composers such as Copland and Barber through to the movers and shakers of the modern age, John Adams and Steve Reich. It would be impossible to ignore jazz and its enormous influence and of course, the great jazz composers, George Gershwin and Duke Ellington.


Roy Stratford

Roy Stratford was very lucky to have had a music teacher at school who had been a student of the great Austrian modernist composer Anton Webern and who inspired in him a great love of music and a particular interest in the Austro-Germanic tradition from Bach to Stockhausen. He went on to study music at Reading University and then the Royal College of Music ( conducting with Norman del Mar) and has since developed a very varied musical career as pianist, conductor, composer and lecturer.


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