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Gardening for a naturalistic effect with Keith Wiley

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Discover the practicalities of creating a natural garden; looking at three key elements of garden design. Firstly the concept and research needed, followed by putting your ideas into practice and lastly how to look after the developing garden and all-important maintenance tips. Keith will show how he has tried to resolve these elements during nearly 40 years studying natural landscapes around the world and experimentation at both the Garden House in Devon and more recently at his new garden at nearby Wildside.


Keith Wiley

Keith Wiley has an Honours Degree in Horticulture. He was the Head Gardener at the Garden House in Devon for over 25 years. During this period he evolved a new style of gardening which takes its inspiration from natural landscapes from around the world. He now gardens very close to the Garden House in Buckland Monochorum with his wife Ros, where they run a nursery called Wildside. Keith has written many books and his latest book about Designing a Woodland Garden is due out now.


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