Online course – FDAD: Relief and hybrid printmaking without a press with Mary Dalton

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Ref: SCW11119

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About this course

Develop your skills and confidence combining printmaking techniques to create a series of prints and a comprehensive toolkit of textures.

This course is for current West Dean Foundation Diploma in Art and Design students (FDAD) and DACC students only.

Course Description

This course is delivered through a combination of self-study and live learning online. 

In the first part of the course you access the online Relief Printmaking and then Hybrid Printmaking courses which you can do in your own time. Allow at least one day to complete the tasks and explore the techniques for each course.

Live study day
This is followed by two live study days with the tutor, Mary Dalton, on Zoom on 25 and 26 September. The study days extend your knowledge and skills gained in the online courses towards developing a personal project. You will be guided through a series of exercises, supported with group discussion and tutor demonstrations. 

To attend this course you will require a device with reliable Wi-Fi, a webcam and space to do the work.

Please refer to the course materials list for information on materials and equipment. 

Relief Printmaking – self-study
Hybrid Printmaking – self-study
25 September – relief printmaking live study day on Zoom
26 September – hybrid printmaking live study day on Zoom

Course Materials

What you need

Printmaking brayer 4” roller
Set of lino cutters
20 A4 sheets cartridge paper – white or neat white, approx. 220gms 
150ml oil based black printing ink
150ml extender
2 A4 lino – traditional artist jute backed lino, (you could use a soft cut as an alternative)
6 A4 Fabriano Bianco paper for backing paper
3 A4 Tissue paper acid free white
12 A4 lightweight smooth paper such as tissue paper, brown packaging paper, wrapping paper or newsprint in three different colours
12 sheets A4 printing paper – Japanese paper recommended (eg Mitsumata Washi 30g)
2 large tubes of acid free glue stick eg Pritt sticks
100 ml PVA glue
20 sheets A4 photocopy, cartridge or smooth watercolour paper
1 A4 thick grey card

Materials boxes for the above are available from the College Craft Shop subject to availability, on a first to order basis. Please allow at least two weeks to place and receive your order in advance of the course. The costs and postage can be discussed when you order. Telephone number: 01243 818231. You can leave a message which will get answered. 

Alternative online suppliers:

You will also need:
Cutting mat or kitchen wooden board
Gloves (will get inky)
Craft knife or scalpel 
Wooden kitchen spoon
Palette knife or old loyalty card 
A4 clean plastic or glass surface for inking. Or old cereal packet taped down firmly shiny side up to work bench.
Vegetable oil – approx. 100ml
Textured materials – selection of various found textured surfaces and objects such as bubble wrap, biscuit wrappers, foil, avoid sharp edges such as metal. 
Rags – cotton tags for clean-up of oil based inks, cut to approximately 30cm square. 
Tissue paper, old phone book paper or other equivalent thin paper – thin and not to leave marks. Some newspaper paper transfers the ink onto your print. Bundle of about 40 A4 pieces.
2 pot plants or objects suitable for still life inspiration
1 palm sized smooth rock / potato / lump air-drying clay
1 cotton rag 40cm x 40cm
2-3m of wool / twine / string
1 elastic band
Wooden spoon to press print down onto paper
Thick grey card
Series of textures found around the house – eg bubble wrap, biscuit wrappers, foil, etc


Mary Dalton

Mary trained at the Royal College of Art, graduating with an MFA in Printmaking. She has been teaching since 2008, including running the lithography studio at the famous Curwen. Her work is in the collections of the Imperial War Museum and the Tate Library as well as international museums.

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