Pottery and ceramics

Low fired and smoked ceramic sculptures with Jazmin Velasco-Moore

Ref: S4D08277




Inspired by the popular tradition of the Mexican Day of the Dead and pre-Columbian ceramics, throw, coil or slab build unique sculptures in clay. You will learn at which stage of drying you can add decoration and additions. When the clay is leather hard, explore the effects of different tools to burnish the surface and then smoke fire your finished work.


Jazmin Velasco-Moore

Jazmin is a professional artist based in Dorset, she studied graphic design in Guadalajara, Mexico, and worked many years as a book illustrator. When moving to London she focused on printmaking, mainly relief techniques. Her graphic and ceramic work is displayed in galleries across the UK. She belongs to the Society of Wood Engravers and the West Country Potters Society and she teaches regularly at the International Summer School Bild-Werk in Franueau, Germany.


Residential option available. Find out accommodation costs and how to book here.

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