Constructed and woven textiles

Tapestry weaving – the principles of design with Pat Taylor

Ref: S4D07612




Great design is more than learned aesthetics and style. You will explore, understand and then use design elements: harmony, balance, proportion, dominance, emphasis, variety, movement and rhythm. If you are a tapestry weaver with curiosity, and perhaps only a little knowledge about design, then this course will guide you to produce individual and personalised woven tapestry.


Pat Taylor

Pat Taylor worked at West Dean for over 30 years, as Director of the Tapestry Studio and as Programme Leader of the MA Visual Arts Programmes. Pat's involvement with West Dean's Professional Tapestry Studio included commissioned projects, such as for Portcullis House in Westminster, as well as collaborations with prominent artists, Henry Moore, John Piper, Howard Hodgkin and John Aitken.


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