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Foundation Diploma in Tapestry Weaving (2 year course) – Unit 4 with Philip Sanderson

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Foundation Diploma in Tapestry Weaving (2 year, part-time course)


Year 2: \'a31173 (fees cover all three units)

September 10-13, 2019 Three Days Intermediate S3D08658

The dyeing of yarn is integral to the making of tapestries; this unit will begin with an overview of the process of dyeing yarns and the construction of a bespoke palette. An introductory session in the dye rooms will illustrate all aspects of the dyeing system used by the tapestry studio and provide the knowledge required to be able to select, prepare and dye yarns.

January 7-10, 2020 Three Days Intermediate S3D08659

April 21-24, 2020 Three Days Intermediate S3D08660

This two year programme made up of six, three day courses, aims to offer tapestry weavers a deeper insight into the technical and creative techniques of tapestry weaving, so that you can begin to develop your skills and creative language.

It is aimed at anyone who has completed a beginners' course at West Dean College or elsewhere, and is looking for extended study.

You will study in the unique environment of West Dean Tapestry Studio, one of the UK's only professional tapestry studios.

Between each course you will be asked to develop your own line of research in response. This includes the production of small woven sample pieces as a way of developing and experimenting with images, brought to the start of the following course for discussion and dissemination.

By the end of the first year you will have a greater understanding of tapestry weaving and a larger knowledge base that will provide you with the ability to confidently move through all stages of the production process at both technical and aesthetic level.

The second year of study will explore additional techniques, dyeing, experimental ways of working and, where relevant, developing strategies for the production of larger tapestries.

An exhibition of the finished tapestries, supporting material, sketches and samples is planned within the college on completion of the programme.

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PHILIP SANDERSON, master weaver designer, West Dean Tapestry Studio and Associate Tutor West Dean Visual Arts programme


Philip Sanderson

Philip Sanderson studied both at Middlesex University and the Royal College of Art before joining the Professional Tapestry Studio at West Dean College in 1993, and his current role is as a Master Weaver Designer. Philip has designed tapestries for numerous clients, notably for the New Parliamentary Buildings in Westminster.


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