Pewter casting with cuttlefish with Fleur Grenier


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About this course

During this course you will experiment with casting, then make a spoon with a handle cast in cuttlefish and solder on a pewter bowl.

Course Description

The aim of this one-day workshop is for each student to go home with several pewter cast test pieces which you have made in a cuttlefish mould and a finished spoon.

The spoon will have a handle cast in pewter that has been poured into a cuttlefish mould. You will then learn the basic principles for soldering pewter as you solder the handle onto a pewter bowl made from sheet. There will also be the option to do a very simple setting of a flat backed stone into the handle of the spoon.

During the day, you will experiment making a mould in cuttlefish and pouring the pewter into it. Once you have gained a basic understanding of the process, you will then make a mould in the cuttlefish for the handle of a spoon that can then be soldered onto a bowl. The spoon will be filed, cleaned up with emery paper and finally polished using a barrel polisher.

There will also be the option to do a simple stone setting in the end of the spoon for those who would like to do so.

By the end of the day, you will understand what pewter is and some of the techniques that can be used with it such as casting, soldering and polishing process.

Upon completing the day, everyone will leave with some cast experimental pieces and a small spoon that you will be able to take away and use.


Timetable for one day courses

Students should arrive by 9am for registration.

Classes are from 9.15 - 5pm

Lunch is included.

Course Materials


  • On this course the tutor will supply some of the materials including pewter and the College will supply some of the materials including cuttlefish.

What students need to bring

  • Apron or wear clothes that you do not mind getting dirty.
  • Sketch book and pencil to work out ideas for a design.
  • Not essential as some will be available but if a student has a nice stone piece of glass or shell they would like to mount on the spoon. Should not be larger than 2.5cm, remember it will be set in the end of the spoon so if too large it will make the end too heavy.
  • You must wear long-sleeve clothing as you will be pouring molten pewter.
  • Something to tie your hair back with, if it is long.
  • Shoes that cover your feet (no sandals or flip flops or high heels).
You must wear appropriate clothing for working in the workshop that you do not mind getting dirty. You need to wear a long-sleeve top, apron and shoes that cover your feet (no sandals or flip flops or high heels).

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