Calligraphy and lettercutting

Calligraphy – handwriting with confidence with Rosalind Wyatt

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About this course

Starting with the basics, you will progress through a series of exercises to improve confidence in your calligraphy.

Course Description

Starting with the intention of why we write and what we would like to improve in our handwriting, this taster course aims to discover a more authentic way to form letters and make our mark resulting in a more confident way to form letters. After gaining an understanding of what it is to form a letter and the intention behind making a mark, we will then progress through a series of handwriting excercises to improve confidence and form in your handwriting.

We will aim to produce a confidently written message, poem, phrase or letter by the end of the class by the following means:

- Series of loosening up exercises

- What is a letter?

- Playing with lettering as drawing

- Seeing letters in an abstract way

- Coordination of brain/eye/hand

- Posture and hand control

- Experimenting with different writing tools and the marks they create

- The connection between sound, meaning and mark

- Getting a flow with handwriting

- Slant, rhythm, pressure and scale

- Copying from exemplars and repeating forms to find a pleasing form

- Fountain pens vs dip pens vs fine liners

- Finding the right tool for the purpose


Timetable for one day courses

Students should arrive by 9am for registration.

Classes are from 9.15 - 5pm

Lunch is included.

Course Materials


  • The tutor will supply a range of materials to share including layout paper and tracing paper for writing and A5 postcards for final hand writing and some good quality paper for letter writing, a small collection of inks; fountain pens and cartridges to write with on the course, photocopies of diverse exemplars; photocopies of alphabets; a supply of envelopes (1/2 each) pencils/rubbers/sharpeners.

What students need to bring

  • A handwriting style that you admire from an old letter/book/artefact
  • A fountain pen or writing pen that you like
  • Basic writing/drawing kit if you have one
  • Sketchbook/writing book
  • Example of your handwriting
  • Any notepaper/envelopes that you might like to use

Available to buy

  • Available from shop:
  • Further inks and paper if needed


Rosalind Wyatt

Rosalind Wyatt trained initially in Calligraphy and Bookbinding then completed an MA at the RCA in textiles. She now works as a studio based artist in London. Calligraphy commissions include work for film and TV , interiors and fashion. She recently completed a calligraphic hand bound book for The National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington DC.

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