Photography and digital image manipulation

Copying and restoring old photographs and negatives – a taster day with Beytan Erkmen

Ref: S1D08358




Learn how to rejuvenate old and damaged photographs, black and white negatives or 35mm slides, using a DSLR camera and Adobe Photoshop editing.


Beytan Erkmen

Beytan began his career as a studio portrait photographer in 1990. Throughout his career he has produced images for companies in fashion, hair and beauty, theatre production and performing arts and has been published internationally. More recent projects within education, leisure and product industries, have allowed Beytan to show his creativity and flare. In 2009-2012 he gained a MFA Masters of Fine Art Photography Degree at University of Creative Arts, Farnham. After more than 20 years, his enthusiasm, passion and dedication for photography, is still as fresh as the day he was given his first camera.

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