Object and materials conservation

Conservation of Transport and Industrial Collections with Chris Knapp

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All too often the original surface and materials that make up transport and technology objects are being lost due to over-restoration and inappropriate replacement. There is disparity in the aims of treatment and the level of conservation/restoration of objects , so there is no common approach to use as a basis for management, treatment methods, documentation or the consideration of ethics. There is often a lack of any provision for conservation training. This course delivers the fundamental information needed to understand the role and approach of the conservator involved in the care of a transport collection and to extend their knowledge of conservation principles. The programme consists of demonstrations and lectures and handling sessions, concentrating on conserving the many different materials encountered in transport collections . It also looks at preventive conservation, handling, storage and display and environmental monitoring and control. Topics will include Recognising the properties of different categories of fabrics, leather, woods, paint and varnish finishes, metals, etc Recognising the main causes and effects of degradation of the material Identifying the major environmental parameters for safe handling, storage and display Understanding the different roles of objects within private and public collections and the influences of these roles on treatment Understanding basic passive techniques and housekeeping methods Identifying and discussing the pros and cons of in-situ treatments and treatments involving temporary removal of one or more element of the object. Current practice The course will encourage active participation from those attending to foster the spirit of mutual exchange of ideas and experiences. For further information about the course, please contact the Course Organiser: +44 (0)1243 818219 or cpd@westdean.org.uk


Chris Knapp

OMC Course Leader

Chris Knapp specialises in the conservation of aircraft. He trained as an industrial conservator with the Science Museum and is now Head of Conservation at the Imperial War Museum Duxford. He is an accredited conservator with Icon.


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