Object and materials conservation

Preventive Conservation with Linda Bullock

Ref: OM1604



This course will equip participants with an understanding of the 'agents of deterioration' which affect the integrity of materials in collections. The teaching will enable participants to assess and prioritise those risks and develop methods of mitigation which are appropriate to the context of each collection and its resources, including museums and historic properties in public and not-for-profit ownership. The course is designed for practising conservators and experienced collections managers who wish to develop the range of their preventive conservation skills - familiarity with the cultural heritage sector and associated professions will be assumed. Topics will include monitoring and control of the environment (relative humidity and temperature), light and lighting, gaseous and particulate pollutants (including dust and dirt), biological agents (mould and pests) and mechanical damage resulting from handling, abrasion, routine cleaning and visitor access. As well as providing hands-on practical sessions using current technology, the course will also stimulate advocacy for organisation-wide preventive conservation strategies and management practice. The course will encourage active participation in order to foster a spirit of collaboration and mutual exchange of ideas and experiences. Participants are expected to prepare a specific conservation issue or management challenge for discussion during the course, with the aim of the tutors and group working on solutions. The primary reference book for the course will be the National Trust Manual of Housekeeping, 2011 edition: http://shop.nationaltrust.org.uk/products/manual-of-housekeeping/236/ Supplementary handouts will include lists of useful materials and suppliers, samples, template forms, reusable psychometric charts, and bibliography. Participants in this course may be practising conservators and collections managers who wish to develop the range of their skills. The course offers you the opportunity to give a short presentation, a case study on your work or institution. Any particular project or issues you are currently working on, that you would like ideas or practical experience from the tutors and other members of the course, are welcome. We aim to restrict the presentation time per person to about 10 minutes, with a limit of 4 slides or illustrations. For further information about the course, please contact the Course Organiser: +44 (0)1243 818219 or cpd@westdean.org.uk


Linda Bullock

OMC Course Leader

Linda is a private sector conservator and lecturer. She has worked at the National Gallery, London, the Instituut Collectie Nederland and most recently at the National Trust. She has wide and valuable experience from the museum, historic house and scientific research fields.


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