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Conservation of Leather with Yvette Fletcher

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A wide choice of primary training is available in this country in aspects of object care. However, there are relatively few opportunities for conservation professionals to find specialist training in traditional skills and enhance their knowledge of materials and techniques. West Dean College has developed a series of short courses aimed at meeting this training need. Leather can be found in a wide range of objects and has been used over many centuries and across the globe. Th is course is designed both to explore the history, manufacture and chemistry of leather and to review current practice in its conservation. The format of the course includes lectures, demonstration s and practical sessions. It will be presented by two leading practitioners working and teaching in this specialist area. Theory Lectures and case histories include: * Using wide range of examples to provide an overview and basis for understanding an approach to leather conservation. * Discussion of diagnostic techniques and developing an appropriate methodology for solving conservation problems * Conservation and restoration techniques, including choice of materials . Techniques The practical sessions are designed to give an opportunity for conservators to test a range of techniques and materials which they may be able to utilise or adapt for future projects. Although, due to time constraints, we cannot undertake a conservation project, participants are invited to bring objects or details via photos/memory stick for discussion and treatment tests. All materials required will be supplied but participants are asked to bring personal conservation hand tools. Current practice The course will encourage active participation from those attending, to foster the spirit of mutual exchange of ideas and experiences. There will be a focused emphasis on shared experience, encouraging the free flow of information and techniques, and participants will be given the opportunity to discuss their own work and give a short presentation. The forum created by the course will inform participants of other experiences with different projects, case studies and client types, and is an attraction in itself.


Yvette Fletcher

OMC - Course Leader

Yvette has a first degree in Art History and an MA in Conservation of Historic Objects from Lincoln. She has been working in conservation since 2001, both at the LCC and in historic building conservation, and is an Accredited Conservator. In 2009 she was appointed Head of the Leather Conservation Centre.


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