Object and materials conservation

Integrated Pest Management Workshop with Jane Thompson-Webb

Ref: M3D07335



This workshop will give guidance on how to deal with insect pest problems likely to be encountered in museums, collections, archives and historic houses. It will focus on insects and the damage they cause, together with new information on the detection, monitoring and trapping of pests. The emphasis is on pest-prevention as the key to successful integrated pest management, but this workshop will also evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of physical and chemical control measures. Practical sessions will include: identification of insect damage and insect pests; carrying out a survey to examine factors which encourage pests; evaluating issues relating to treatment of objects using freezing, heating and anoxia. At the end of the workshop, you will be able to: identify the main insect pests; understand the life cycles of pests and what they eat; identify environmental factors which encourage pests; understand the need for monitoring and the way trap results are used; know the correct course of action to take when pests are found; evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of control options; develop and implement an integrated pest management programme for your collections. For further information about the course, please contact the Course Organiser: +44 (0)1243 818219 or cpd@westdean.org.uk


Jane Thompson-Webb

OMC Course Leader

Jane Thompson-Webb BSc, ACR, is Head of Collection Services at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Jane has been a conservator for twenty years and has worked with insects for the last nine. An experienced trainer, she has been running insect pest management training courses for museums across the West Midlands since 2005 and it has always proved to be the most popular training course she offers.

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