Object and materials conservation

Conservation of Photographs with Susie Clark

Ref: M3D07328



Photographs are found in large numbers in many institutions. These include museums, art galleries, libraries, universities, businesses and newspapers. They are also found in the collections of private individuals. They are a valuable historic, artistic and scientific resource made from many diverse materials and it is easy to damage them by inappropriate conservation and care. This course will describe the processes and photographic materials which have been commonly used and how to recognise them. It will also examine the problems caused by different processes and the appropriate methods and materials for their conservation and care. The course will include the opportunity to look at practical examples of processes and deterioration. The roles of the environment, biological deterioration, health and safety, storage and handling will also be covered. For further information about the course, please contact the Course Organiser: +44 (0)1243 818219 or


Susie Clark

British Library - Course Leader

Susie Clark, ACR is an accredited paper and photographic conservator with many years of experience. She was formerly the conservator for a collection of approximately 20 million photographs at the BBC Hulton Picture Library (now Getty Images). Since 1990, she has been a freelance paper and photograph conservator and consultant, working throughout Britain and abroad on public and private collections. She has been the conservator for the Collaborative Research Project between the National Media Museum and the Getty Conservation Institute (USA) looking at the characteristics of different photographic processes.

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