Object and materials conservation

Care of Sculpture in Galleries, Exhibitions and Collections with Lyndsey Bracken and Tessa Jackson

Ref: M3D07326



This course will provide a broad ranging background to the subject for both traditional sculpture and the diversity that is part of modern and contemporary 3D artworks. It will cover a range of sculptural materials and will provide relevant information about fabrication and surface finishes where it might specifically affect the delegates in the course of their work. The course will discuss how sculptures may degrade or become damaged and propose preventive care measures for display in the indoor and outdoor settings. We will also look at suitable storage and packing for different materials as well as condition checking for exhibitions and collections. This course is for people who work with, or supervise those working with, sculpture in galleries, exhibitions and collections, eg exhibition organisers, curators and conservators from other specialisms. It does not aim to teach practical conservation/restoration. For further information about the course, please contact the Course Organiser: +44 (0)1243 818219 or cpd@westdean.org.uk


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