Object and materials conservation

Lighting for Conservation and Access with David Saunders

Ref: M1D08663



This one-day workshop will explore the dilemma facing those responsible for collections which are sensitive to light - that good display and access to the collections requires that they be well lit, while longer-term preservation may necessitate lower light levels or shorter periods on display. Participants will learn about the ways in which light affects different materials and how objects are classified according to their vulnerability. The course will also explore how the level and type of light provided in displays affects our ability to see objects. Strategies for minimising damage while maximising visibility will be presented and the workshop will conclude by looking at the development of policy and practice that balance access and preservation. For further information about the course, please contact the Course Organiser: +44 (0)1243 818219 or cpd@westdean.org.uk


David Saunders

Courses Tutor - Risk Management for Collections Care

David Saunders received his DPhil in chemistry before joining the National Gallery, London in 1985. From 2005-2015 he was Keeper of the Department of Conservation and Scientific Research at the British Museum, where he is now an honorary research fellow.

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