Gold keum-boo on chased and repoussé silver jewellery with Nancy Megan Corwin

Ref: 5D7215




Learn how to apply 24k gold foil using the keum-boo technique to chase and repoussé irregular surfaces. Follow a step-by-step process of making items with irregular and textured surfaces and then fuse the gold onto silver. The emphasis is on resolving the technical challenge of fusing gold onto uneven surfaces. You will leave with a basic understanding of how the process works and how to problem solve in your own studio.


Nancy Megan Corwin

Megan Corwin has an MFA in metal arts from the University of Wisconsin. She has been teaching and exhibiting for 35 years and is the author of "Chasing and Repousse: Methods Ancient and Modern." Megan has work in museums and private collections, and shows with Facere Jewelry Art Gallery in Seattle.


Residential option available. Find out accommodation costs and how to book here.

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