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By Tristram Bainbridge (Associate Tutor in Furniture)

Here is a quick whiz through looking at a couple of projects. There are currently 7 students in the department.

Gijs van Dorp (postgraduate diploma) is cutting some replacement pieces for a fretwork panel from the hood of an eighteenth century longcase clock.

The new piece for the clock before colouring

Gijs has also turned a new rosette as one was missing from the swan neck pediment of the hood.

Here is the rosette being turned on the lathe.

Ryo Tanaka (professional development diploma) is preparing fills for an eighteenth century Italian marquetry commode.

The commode has lost many veneers. New ones have to be cut to fit the losses and then coloured to match the original.

Kate Aughey is using a scratch stock to make a moulding called a cock bead.

A piece of hardened steel has a profile filed out which is used to scratch the moulding into the wood. For this very fine moulding, an old butter knife has been used to make the profile.