Yesterday in Books

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While the postgraduate students are away on work placements all over the US and UK, the graduate book students have been busy with conservation and bookbinding models. I took some pictures while they were all at tea-surprise!-here are some vignettes from the frosty morning:

The students are working on leather tightbacks over single cords.

On Friday morning textblocks were laced into boards, endbanded, and ready for finishing touches before covering in leather.

Our new stash of silks for hand-sewn endbands!

New (old) spokeshaves modified for leather paring: the openings are widened to prevent parings getting stuck, the blades are flattened and sharpened, the bed of the spokeshave is flattened and polished.

Sewing models: same thread, cords, & paper, different sewing techniques, for comparison.

Another set of sewing models, and smaller textblocks for endband models

Iron gall ink experiments