The end of the year

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Awards Day was a while ago now (7 July) but the MA students have been working hard all summer so we saved the blog celebration for now. We started the day off with the usual speeches, diplomas, and awards, then opened up the workshops for everyone to see the objects we treated in person. You might recognize some of them in these photos!

Some students will be coming back next year for the second part of their program; others have finished and dispersed. We'll be inviting alumni back to update us on what they're doing with their new degrees, so hopefully this won't be the last you'll hear from them. And hey, if you're interested in offering someone a job, you know where to find us!

As for this blog, it will be back after a brief vacation when the new academic year starts in the beginning of October.

Sir Trevor McDonald giving the address

Graduate Books student William Bennett pretty thrilled at receiving his diploma. Nice bowtie.

Another Graduate Books student, Mary French, getting one of the many awards handed out.

Left to right: Manami Shinagawa, Tomoyuki Uemori, Remco Ockhuijsen

Tomo's serpentine toiletry casket

Remco's boulle box

Mariko's walnut workbox

Clockwise from left--- haha, just kidding. Here are Kenneth Cobb and Philippe Arent.

Brittany's automata

The crowd in the clocks workshop

Tiago Oliveira and Chie Yoshii

Abigail Uhteg, Ashlyn Oprescu, and Mariko Watanabe with their books

Savannah and JC Kwon of the Metals department

And so that next year's MA students have something to look forward to, this is how we looked after we turned them in:

Congrats to everyone for a great year!