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Holly Bell Ceramics - Exhibitor

Holly's work echoes the colour palette found in the Sussex coastline; she is more than a little obsessed with the breadth of colour to be found at the line of the horizon, colour that changes constantly with time of day, weather conditions. This line is a theme in Holly's work, and she is fascinated with pairing glazes that will overlap and create a depth of colour and surface. Holly uses a potter's wheel to create forms that are tactile and subtle, and above all a pleasure to use every day.


Holly Bell mug bowl up
Holly Bell blue bowls
Holly Bell green black bowls


Jason makes graceful and contemporary Windsor chairs using traditional tools and techniques. His chairs are strong and comfortable, and have a strong sculptural feel. He uses locally sourced timber; ash, oak, beech, and sometimes walnut and elm. The pieces are often painted. Jason's chairs feel at home in both traditional and modern settings. He works on my own from my small workshop in Lewes, Sussex.


Scallop Armchair
Salem Continuous Armchai
Continuous Rocker
Wedge Armchair
Arrowhead Bench

Isabelle Capitain Handmade Jewellery - Exhibitor

For Isabelle handmaking jewellery is all about trying out new ways of combining traditional methods of making with modern technology. Every piece is made in her London studio from start to finish including all the setting work. It is her strong belief that in order for a piece of jewellery to work it needs to be designed in a way that will keep it relevant for years to come. Simple understated elegance is key to Isabelle's designs, as is the use of precious metals and high quality gemstones and diamonds. As well as having a strong design it is important for a piece to be crafted to the highest standards and Isabelle draws on her experience of working for and with highly skilled master crafts people during her years in the industry. Her minimalist approach is strongly influenced by the school of Bauhaus.


Zeitgeist Ring Isabelle Capitain
Objectivity Ring Isabelle Capitain
Objectivity Brooch Isabelle Capitain
Objectivity Ring Diamond Isabelle Capitain
Starburst Earrings Amethyst Isabelle Capitain
Starburst Earrings Isabbelle Capitain
Itten Earrings Isabelle Capitain
Itten Ring Isabelle Capitain

James Dougall - Exhibitor

James Dougall is a multi award winning silversmith and jeweller who's innovative work bridges the gap between 21st century design and traditional craft working. Unafraid to take risks, he seamlessly utilises other materials with silver to extraordinary effect. Each piece of work is the cumulative outcome of a long series of engagement which the designer hopes will add to the rich canon that is the silversmiths art.

James Dougall

Silver box group
silver and cast glass tray
James Dougall silver and cast glass box
James Dougall Silver and cast glass ripple cake slice
James Dougall silver and cast glass shard vessel

Jane Sampson - Exhibitor

Jane Sampson. Artist /printmaker BA, PGCE, PGDip, MA. Jane makes work that contains a narrative using photomontage and collage from many different sources. It often contains a mixture of found images and her own photographs and drawings. Jane regards these images a visual library that is constantly re-used and manipulated through different print media. The use of texture, colour and layering is central to her working process.

http://inkspotshop.bigcartel.com. http://inkspotpress.co.uk

Jane Sampson Rauchenbirds screen print 85x60
Jane Sampson London dreams screenprint 56x76cm
Jane Sampson Solitare mixed media screenprint 38x56cm
Jane Sampson Edge screenprint 56x76cm