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Tessa Pearson -

Trained in textile design, Tessa's influences have been many, from Matisse to Hodgkin and the bold colourists of mid twenty first century painters Patrick Heron and Albert Irvin. Gardens are living paintings and have been the constant inspiration she has returned to many times. Creating her own garden has been an influential process informing Tessa's current work, making large scale paintings and monoprints, working with unpredictable water media and experimental printmaking.



The Ceramic Gardener -

Frances' work is inspired by plants in all their forms, from the opening bud of a poppy, to the perfect Fibonacci sequence that is a Dahlia. She likes to study the plant and see the patterns that have been formed during its growth. Frances' builds her forms using these patterns as guidance. She likes to play with the scale, and her sculptures are often as large as she can build them, this means that the plant is then represented to us as an insect may see it.



Thomas Lemon -

Thomas' work is based around the relationship between shape and colour. He makes the woodblocks using hand tools, laths, drills and routers and uses a jig which enables him to position and print the blocks in a controlled manor. After the first printing this process is then repeated to create multiple layers. Most of Thomas' work is made using a hand Baren but he also uses a Columbian press.


Thomas Lemon
Thomas Lemon
Thomas Lemon
Thomas Lemon
Thomas Lemon
Thomas Lemon
Thomas Lemon

Tibor Eperjessy -

Tibor's work combines classic lines with unusual colours, textures and unique finishes that complement the simplicity and durability of design and craftsmanship. All Tibor's leather goods are handmade and the hides are sourced from the British Isles.



Tim Plunkett -

With a BSc in environmental science and involvement in direct action opposing the destruction of ancient forests and cultures, Tim felt obliged to make his living using sustainable resources: all his wood is sourced locally. Self taught by trial and often painful error, Tim is motivated by the desire to produce simple, beautiful and practical pieces; pure, simple, elegant lines are what he aims for.


round table board in rippled sycamore 18 inches diameter
pestle and mortar in oak 8 inches diameter
oak book stand side view 557x800
salad servers