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Browse and buy unique pieces from 120 makers and designers. Once again, we've teamed up with MADE, (of the Brighton Art Fair and MADE London) to bring you the very best in quality and design. You can also explore the dedicated printmakers show for exclusive prints and artworks.

Penny Warren -

A jewellery designer for over 20 years, Penny specialises in hand-dyed and printed aluminium combined with silver. She loves the opportunities this material allows for the exploration of colour and form; being light and easy to work with it lends itself to jewellery particularly. Penny applys dye directly to the surface to create a wash effect and in her latest collection Alyssa, she is exploring printing aluminium with textured wallpaper.



Peter Griffiths & Neil Woodall -

Neil Woodall uses the aquatint process to produce his prints. He applies modern techniques to this 17th century method to produce atmospheric images which, despite their realism, are made by working directly onto a copper plate. Peter Griffiths produces original screen prints on Bockingford paper. With a focus on line and form, recent prints have looked at architecture, pattern and plant forms, visual elements are combine into formal constructs.


Castlegate_Quarter Close_up_pencil_and_screen_print_on_Bockingford_paper
NW Upstream_from_Haddon

Peter Lanyon Furniture -

Peter's work fuses the skills, tools and technology of the fine furniture maker with the ancient ‘bodging’ traditions of working with locally sourced unseasoned, or “green” wood. This allows him to cleave rather than cut the wood. This has the advantage of retaining the underlying undulating, organic lines of the original tree. Peter combines components made in this way with other contemporary materials to create contemporary furniture and lighting products.


Brown Oak Trefoil
Cherry Double Stem Clump Lamp
Large Ash Trefoil
Mushroom Stool Detail
Salix Chair
Trefoil Detail
Triple Standard
Triple Stem Clump Lamp

Phoebe Jewellery -

Lewes based designer-maker Phoebe Sherwood combines silver and gold with different types of wood to create timeless jewellery with a playful narrative. She began making jewellery whilst studying Art & Design at Brighton City College. After working as a trainee jewellery-maker for four years, she set out to design and craft her own original collections founding 'Phoebe Jewellery' in early 2012.


Squirrel Acorn Leaf Necklace
Acorn Earrings
Botanical Wild Strawberry Necklace And Bracelet
Strawberry Flower Ear Studs
Deer Head Sacred Hart ring
Prickly Pear HeartIn Pot Necklace
Antler Sheild Necklace

RAMP - Roop & Al Make Pots -

RAMP (Roop & Al Make Pots) is a creative collaboration between Rupert Johnstone & Alice Hartford. They make functional and decorative Earthenware and Porcelain looking for fresh patterns and lively shapes.


Blue Bulb Bowl
Oval Bread Bin
Blue Porc Container