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Browse and buy unique pieces from 120 makers and designers. Once again, we've teamed up with MADE, (of the Brighton Art Fair and MADE London) to bring you the very best in quality and design. You can also explore the dedicated printmakers show for exclusive prints and artworks.

Lorraine Gibby Inspired Jewellery

Dominated by the use and perception of colour, Lorraine uses traditional print-making techniques on aluminium, to produce unique raw material. Her interest in the history of textiles influences surface designs and textures. Lorraine’s use of form is usually traceable to flora and fauna. Currently her studies are of cacti and succulents, their statuesque shapes, fantastic flowers and deceptive surfaces lure her into layering metals and stones to capture something of their individuality.



Lynne Bartlett Originals

Inspired by colour, Lynne produces original one-off pieces of elemental contemporary jewellery, handmade using titanium and dyed anodised aluminium, often in combination with precious metals. She was awarded a PhD by Central Saint Martins in 2010 for a combined art and science project investigating titanium colouring for jewellery and has continued to experiment with titanium using machine and laser engraving.


Lynne Bartlett Originals
Lynne Bartlett Originals
Lynne Bartlett Originals
Lynne Bartlett Originals
Lynne Bartlett Originals
Lynne Bartlett Originals
Lynne Bartlett Originals
Lynne Bartlett Originals

Mallon Foundry

Charlie Mallon, metalworker from Co. Tyrone uses primitive methods to create limited edition bronze sculptures inspired by the myths and legends of the Celts.


The Cauldron of Bran No 2 of 12
The Salmon of Knowledge No 5 of 12
The Boar of Ben Gulbain by Mallon Foundry
Fiacc the Raven

Marcovitch Shaker Boxes

Marcovitch Shaker wares include oval boxes, trays, carriers and sewing boxes, all hand crafted to original Shaker designs and methods. Each item, usually cherry or maple, has the iconic swallowtail joints secured with copper tacks. Murray has been making boxes since 2003, originally self taught then going to the USA to learn with master box maker John Wilson. Murray has taught in various venues including the Institute of Making (London).


Murray Marks divided carrier
Murray Marks musicbox
Murray Marks sewingbox
Murray Marks set of 3
Murray Marks tray
Murray Marks basket
Murray Marks maple box
Murray Marks cherry box rosewood lid

Marmor Paperie

Marmor Paperie was started by designer-maker Lucy McGrath with the aim of breathing new life into the traditional art of marbling, a centuries-old technique of 'painting' onto water, then capturing the design on paper. Lucy binds journals and sketchbooks using her papers, so every book is a unique, handmade piece. Marmor Paperie was awarded the NADFAS/Cockpit Arts Award in September 2016 which funds the studio for a year.